Why You Want To Transfer Your Film Archives To Digital Formats

In a world where content is king, owning video content might be a veritable gold mine. Here are 5 reasons why it’s a good idea to transfer your film archives to digital. Modern day video production is expensive enough, but […]

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August 19th, 2016

Ways To Use Video To Help Your Business Grow – How-To Videos

Video has the potential to be an amazing tool to help both customers and clients as well as your own employees and staff. Here are some great ways to use “how to” videos to streamline your support and build your […]

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October 9th, 2016

What can you use your iPhone for and when do you need to call in the pros?

One of the great things about an iPhone is that you can easily take it anywhere. When it comes time to shoot a video unexpectedly, you can grab your phone and shoot a video that looks candid and can be […]

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November 30th, 2016

Why Is Sound Important To Video?

Sound is a part of a video that today we often take for granted. According to audio experts, it is often even ignored in video production. In truth, however, sound is truly just as important as good footage. Here are […]

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December 5th, 2016