Ways To Use Video To Help Your Business Grow: Video Introductions and Signatures

October 15th, 2016

There is no denying that video is in greater demand than ever before and that video has a significant impact into turning viewers into customers and consumers. Video signatures and introductions are just one of the many ways that smart businesses can use video to create connections with their clients and consumers.

For any business hoping to remain competitive in the current marketplace, video content is becoming a greater and greater necessity. At one time, companies divided their advertising budgets between radio, print and broadcast media, with the greater portions often going to print and radio. At the time, this made sense, as print media reached almost as many viewers as broadcast media did, and was significantly less expensive. While there may not have been a significant price difference between taking out a full page ad in a newspaper or magazine and airing a commercial, there was a significant difference in the cost of preparing print materials versus shooting a commercial for broadcasting. But that is just one of the many things that are changing in the early stages of the 21st century.

Just consider these facts:

These are just a few of the statistics available that show the ever increasing demand and effectiveness of video. Smart businesses are those that will become early adopters of the new video trends and will find ample ways and means of using video to reach out to their consumers.

One way of doing this is creating a video introduction and video signature.

Creating a video introduction and signature offers a unique opportunity for businesses to “personalize” their interactions right from the start. For years, we have heard the phrase “the face of the company” and many large corporations were indelibly associated with a certain individual. While Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak founded Apple together, it is the name and face of Steve Jobs that is indelibly linked to the iconic apple logo. Similarly, Bill Gates actually founded Microsoft with Paul Allen, a friend from childhood -but it is Gate’s name and face that springs most readily to mind whenever they hear the word “Microsoft.”

From a very young age, human beings begin to look at pictures of people more than animals or other objects, and more specifically, we look at eyes. It is said the eyes are the “window to the soul” and when we have something difficult to say, we are encouraged to “look someone in the eye” when doing it. There is a reason Facebook is called FACE book and that profiles include a picture and every comment includes a thumbnail – generally of someone’s face.

Video signatures and introductions are a great way to put a face to almost everything you do.

Imagine someone landing on your webpage and being greeted by an actual face welcoming them to your site. Imagine people walking into the lobby of your office and being greeted by a video monitor showing a short video introducing the many faces of your company. Most businesses and companies select their receptionists very carefully as they are the first face people see when they walk into your office. Instead of relying on one person to carry the weight of being the first impression people make of your company or business – after all, even the best of receptionists have bad days or get called away momentarily – why not allow all of the faces of your company to greet your guests?

Similarly, we’ve all seen e-mail signatures that include a photo of the sender, their contact information and perhaps a quote or two, but imagine if they could see you personally offering them a salutation instead. Imagine you are a real estate agent sending out an initial contact e-mail to a new client. Instead of finishing it with a picture, imagine closing your email with a video telling your potential clients a little bit about yourself, why you do what you do and how excited you are to work with them. Imagine sending e-mails to new hires with a brief video from the CEO of the company saying how much he loves the company and that he hopes they will grow to love the company too.

One of the great things about video in the modern day world is that it is no longer prohibitively expensive to have it professionally shot and edited and the turnaround time allows you to keep content fresh and current. In just a few hours, a professional production company can shoot up to 100 or more 15 – 30-second videos with several individuals and have them edited and back in your hands in just a few days. This means you don’t even have to keep using the same videos day after day, week after week.